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5 Money Saving Tips to Vehicle Maintenance

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-50 million people are hurt every year in a car accident.

Many of these accidents could have been prevented with proper #vehicle maintenance. Proper care can prevent costly #repairs. Make sure you are checking these potential areas on the car.

1. Tires- Always make sure there is the correct amount of air in your #tires, and frequently rotating your tires can make them last longer.

2. #Battery- Take some baking soda, water, and a toothbrush and clean up those terminals on the car battery.

3. #Oil Change- Make sure you know how often to change your oil by looking at the owners manual. Sure it used to be 3,000 miles- but newer cars can be even less!

4. Listen to your Car- Hear a squeak or a grinding noise- go get your car checked. If you catch an engine belt before it wreaks havoc on your engine, you may save a ton of money.

5. #Coolant- Keeping your car cool and lubricated is the key to saving money down the line of auto ownership.

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