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Buying a new Home? Inspection Time!

Buying a new home? Let’s talk about your inspection process.

Buying a new home can be complex but one of the most important components is the #home inspection. It is critical to have a licensed inspector review the house before you finalize the purchase process.

You should find a qualified, licensed and experienced home inspector. Make sure you review their license and confirm that they haven’t previously and aren’t currently working for the seller’s realtor.

During the inspection process, ask your #inspector about the age of critical home components like the #roof, #pluming, #furnace and #cooling systems. These can dramatically impact your insurance rates and eligibility.

Next, make your own observations about the property and if you notice anything (cracks in the #foundation, #water leaks or #drainage etc.), make sure you review your observations with your home inspector and your insurance agent.

Finally, buying a new house is a great process and our insurance agency is here to help however we can. We’d love to talk to you about your inspection process and what to look for so we can make you fully aware about the insurance situation at your new home and, maybe some tips to save money on your insurance when you move in!


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