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Driving for Uber or Lyft? We have to talk about your coverage!

More and more people are using their vehicles for ride-sharing services and while this might be a good way to earn some extra #money, you might not be covered by your personal #auto #insurance policy.

Here is how it works: when the #Uber App is off, your own personal auto insurance is covering you. When you turn the app on and a passenger/customer is in the vehicle, Uber’s insurance policy is active. However, when a Uber driver is searching for rides also known as “trolling,” there is no coverage from your personal policy and Uber’s coverage is limited.

Additionally, while Uber’s policy might offer some liability protection while you are driving a passenger, the damage to your vehicle might not be covered under either policy.

We offer several carriers who have relatively inexpensive “rideshare endorsements” to make sure you are covered properly. Consider talking to us today about adding this coverage so you are properly protected.

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