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Get Ready for Summer with these Spring Home Maintenance Tips

When going into #summer be sure to check the following items so that they are in good working order. This will help cut down on bills and unnecessary costs. Proper inspections can cut down on high cost repairs.

· #Electrical Outlets and Cords- Make sure fuse boxes are not overloaded.

· #Fire Extinguishers- Make sure the pressure gauge is in the green and that the hose and nozzle are in great shape

· #Air Conditioning- Before firing it up for the first time this season make sure an industry professional inspects it.

· #Water Heater- Make sure there are no leaks or corrosion on the pipes coming out of the unit

· #Furnace- change your furnace filter at least 4 times a year- but this is a great starting point.

· #Smoke Detectors- change the batteries and make sure they test properly.

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