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How does my roof affect my rates?

Fixing a Roof

There are 3 main #roof factors that can impact your price of #Homeowner's #Insurance.

1) The Roof Type & Material

The most common found roofs in America are: (In order of lowest to highest cost to your policy)



-Asphalt #Shingles


2) Roof Age

The newer the roof- the lower the cost. Simple as that. Some companies may not insure roofs over a certain age.

3) Roof Shape

The three most common shapes of roof are Gable, Hip, and Flat

-Gable- Looks like an upside down V.

-Hip- Tends to have 4 sides and is more of a luxury roof to construct. *Tends to be more wind resistant and helps bring down your premium

-Flat- Not as common as the above two. *Traditionally better against wind.


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