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Keeping Your Home Safe from Windstorms

Across the county, wind damage accounts for almost ¼ (24%) of homeowner’s insurance claims. One of the most common and preventable causes is overgrowth of trees and large shrubs near the home. As storms kick up, branches can break and cause significant property damage.

Additionally, continued rubbing of overgrown trees and branches on roofs and siding can wear down those items and create leaks and cracks. These materials serve as a home’s first line of defense and when they become compromised, it can lead to much larger claims.

We encourage our clients to make sure their trees and bushes are properly trimmed and that no branches are touching or overhanging the home. Additionally, homeowners should consider bringing their home up to the IBHS Fortified Home Program standard which addresses high winds and damaging hail specifically. Call us for more information regarding these programs.

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