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Learn the best questions to ask your mechanic or your future mechanic!

Car repairs and going to the shop shouldn’t have to be an intimidating process. You can use these few simple questions to make sure you are getting the best #mechanic for your buck.

1. Are you certified? Any and all mechanics that are worthwhile should be #ASE- #Certified. If they are not, consider another shop.

2. Is their work guaranteed? Most shops will have a limited warranty of some sorts. Compare shops and make sure you get the best warranty.

3. Do they specialize in specific makes? Some shops are better with #Japanese cars than #German cars. Be aware of specialties.

4. Can you prioritize these #repairs? Sometimes all repairs don’t need to be done right away. And if this is a laundry list it can get quite expensive. If you get a priority list it should be able to get you back on the road, and not having to slam down a credit card for one big payment.

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