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Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

With the temperatures rising this #summer, we are all more cognizant of our energy bills. Making your home more energy efficient can not only help save you money on your bills, it can also help improve the comfort of your home.

According to #ENERGY STAR, here are a few helpful tips:

- Air sealing and adding insulation – sealing up all the small holes throughout your home can improve energy efficiency and adding insulation to areas where it might already be thin can greatly increase your homes efficiency.

- Replace #heating and #cooling systems – systems that are more than 10 years old can be replaced with newer models which can dramatically reduce energy consumption.

- Sealing leaks and making sure air ducts are straight and properly connected – this will help ensure even airflow throughout the home and keep temperatures stable.

Lighting and appliances – replacing appliances with ENERGY STAR-rated versions can save significant money on bills.

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