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Motorcycle Riders- are you being seen on the road?

No matter if you have been riding for years, or if you are hopping on a bike for the first time, motorcycle safety is something you should practice every time.

There are many things you cannot control on the road like Other Drivers, Traffic, Weather, and distracted drivers- but following the tips below can help you stay visible to other people on the road.

· Wearing bright colored clothing, especially in the evening and dusk hours can help catch the eye of other drivers.

· Don’t just be aware of the traffic ahead of you, be cautious of cars speeding up behind you.

· Even though it can be hot to wear riding boots, these are designed to keep your feet on the pedals, and could possible help you out of a jam.

· Stay on the left hand side of the lane so that the driver ahead can see you in their mirrors.

· Avoid driving in wet weather by paying close attention to weather reports.


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