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Spring has Sprung- Pop Open those Grills- Safely!

Approximately 9,000 home #fires a year begin around the grill according to the National Fire Protection Association report. Gas #grills come in at about 80% while #charcoal or other natural burning fuels make up the other 20%.

Leaks or breaks in the hoses were the number one contributing factor to these grill fires. If you apply a light soap and water combo to the connections on the grill, bubbles will appear if there is a leak! Always make sure to completely close the valve in-between use and store grills and #propane tanks away from your house.

When it comes to #

charcoal grills, make sure to completely extinguish the coals as that is the big cause of fires for that specific type of grill.

One last good tip to prevent grill fires is to always keep your grill clean by removing grease or fatty buildup from the grill and the trays underneath!


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