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Tips for Hiring a Contractor

If you are thinking about doing a #renovation project to you home, consider some helpful tips as you think about hiring your next contractor!

1) Get multiple estimates- written estimates can help you ensure you are comparing apples to apples and getting a fair price.

2) Hire local, licensed #contractors- they are easier to contact and likely to be familiar with local ordinances.

3) Check their past work.

4) Take time to make a sound decision- don’t be pressured into making an immediate decision and read the fine print on all contracts.

5) Check the contractors insurance- ask for a Certificate of Insurance from the contractor and make sure they are properly covered (we are happy to review any COI’s you acquire).

6) Get everything in writing.

7) Understand your right to cancel- review the provisions in the contract to make sure you understand your rights.

8) Don’t pay up front- don’t pay for an entire project before it is complete and do not pay in cash.

9) Anticipate delays- it is frustrating but they happen.

Good luck with your summer #remodeling projects and keep these tips in mind as you evaluate contractors!

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