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Tips to stop the Common Car Thief

While we all are lucky enough to live in beautiful Colorado, there are still some car thieves out there on the prowl.

Keeping your possessions and your car safe can be very simple if you follow some or all of the following rules!

路 Don鈥檛 leave anything valuable in sight of your car. (Ipods, phones, jewelery etc are all things thieves are looking for)

路 Staying at a hotel? Make sure to bring everything into the room. Thieves are known to prowl around hotel parking lots.

路 Lock your car! 馃槉

路 Cover items or groceries with a blanket. Thieves like to know what they are going to steal before they break in.

路 Don鈥檛 keep spare keys in your car. Easy access DENIED.

So keep your car safe this summer!

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